SteraMist™ total environmental disinfection system

1. Self-sustained system
2. No need to arrange the room before treatment
3. Has no harmful effect on 39 different materials including metal, wood, plastic, rubber etc.
4. Full organism eradication application system
5. Several systems that may operate together for handling larger areas
6. Disinfects organisms by converting 7.8% H²O² into radical hydroxyls that kill on contact within 5 seconds
7. Can be used as a mist for a room/entire area or as a manual spray for spraying specific surfaces.
8. Digital (PLC) interface 
9. Remote on/off switch
10. Two security levels – protected secret code
11. Automatic dosage calculation for optimal concentration
12. Can treat an 104m3 area in 75 minutes
13. Very quick space disinfection process
14. Automatic ventilation cycle begins after the desired pre-set delay 
15. An air circulator (optional) can significantly shorten ventilation time
16. Capable of storing recorded parameters
17. Capable of running procedure data
18. Full one-year warranty
19. Technical support 24/7
20. You can "smell the cleanliness” following disinfection
SteraMist™ total environmental disinfection system
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