The SteraMist™ system is adapted to the customer's needs

 1. The SteraMist&#8482 system can be permanently installed in any facility, room or area, according to customer’s characterization and needs, to sanitize and disinfect the local space and volume.
2. The system is built of end spraying units installed in a room and connected to the operating unit located outside the room. The programmable logic controller (PLC) interfaces with the building's A/C system to carry out disinfection of the room and its isolation, if necessary.
3. The system allows for effective disinfection of the space within a very short span of time.

Additional information

* Protection using two levels of security passwords and visual indicators
* Can be installed when the room is built and/or in an existing room and adapted to the customer’s convenient use
* Data regarding the purification process can be downloaded
* Real-time monitoring of spraying speed ensures pre- planned spray volume 
* An entire system can be developed to treat several rooms with different specifications, using remote control via one central interface

The SteraMist™ system is adapted to the customer's needs
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