Agriculture – medical cannabis, herbs & spices

Supports the health of cannabis patients using innovative disinfection
SteraMist™ innovative disinfection standard for use on medical cannabis farms
Controlled disinfection integrated in the treatment routine at all stages of growth and production inside the facility walls.

SteraMist™, based on binary ionization technology (BIT), uses the most cutting-edge disinfection technology on the market. Disinfecting surfaces on a regular basis is vital for controlling mold and a range of contaminants. 

Clean Bit is the exclusive Israeli distributor of SteraMist™ and is authorized to train local users. 

Approved by the Ministry of Health (medical devices and instruments)

✓ Powerful tool against viruses, mold and fungi
✓ Disinfectant free of oxidation substances and chlorine
✓ Eradicates bad odors caused by bacteria
✓ Leaves no trace of active ingredients
✓ Made from organic ingredients

SteraMist™ disinfects hard to reach surfaces, above, beyond, under, and around any surface, including:

✓ Drying rooms, cloning and agricultural processing
✓ Laboratories and processing areas
✓ Tube microscopes, tests and containers for labs
✓ Electronic equipment
✓ Tables, locker rooms and storerooms
✓ Greenhouses and multiple touch surfaces
✓ Plants undergoing drying
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