Hospitals and medical institutions

What the service is designated for:

✓ Emergency rooms
✓ Operating rooms
✓ Hospitals and medical facilities
✓ Laboratories
✓ Hospital wards
✓ Examination rooms
✓ Waiting rooms
✓ Procedure rooms 
✓ Imaging institutes
✓ Community clinics
✓ Army hospitals
✓ Mobile ICUs / ambulances

Advantages of the technology

✓ Product is simple and easy to operate 
✓ Produces instant results
✓ No need to mix chemicals
✓ Does not contain metal ions or peracetic acid
✓ Leaves no trace
✓ Unaffected by humidity and temperature
✓ Does not cause rust 
✓ Environmentally friendly (oxygen and water)
✓ Quick, simple and effective disinfection!

Why is it recommended for hospitals and medical institutions?

✓ Quick execution time means a minimal stay for the cleaning crew
✓ Quick disinfection without "wet” contact
✓ Disinfects surfaces and areas that cannot be reached using wipes and UV rays
✓ Can disinfect mobile medical devices to prevent the spread of infection 
✓ Suitable for disinfecting medical devices and equipment without depositing chemicals or causing corrosion 
✓ Simple and easy to operate system
✓ Mobile and manageable system

Join the disinfection revolution in all hospitals – stop infections and save lives!

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